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We can’t wait to welcome you to Nottingham for Cause 2018.  Here’s a rundown of how the weekend will look…


13.00 Doors Open

14.00 Worship followed by a talk

15.45 Break

16.15 Interview

18.00 Dinner

19.00 Doors reopen

20.00 Worship followed by a talk

Saturday Morning

10.00 Worship followed by a talk

12.00 Break

12.30 Ted Talks

13.30 Lunch

Saturday Afternoon

15.00 Seminars

Planting your life – Thomas & Mhairi Urquhart & Soph & Ian Douglas (Kids Auditorium)

We believe that the local church is the hope of the world and we all have a part to play in seeing Kingdom breakthrough in our neighbourhoods. 

In this seminar we will explore what it looks like to bring life to the city through our church, work and family lives. 

We will share stories from our own journeys of following Jesus – from changing career paths, to uprooting our lives and planting churches – and the lessons we’ve learnt along the way.

The Porn Seminar – John Bodily (Y1)

In the last two decades the world of porn has grown to become an integral, albeit somewhat hidden, part of mainstream culture. Each year the world’s largest single porn site hosts 4.5 billion visitors viewing half a million years-worth of porn. In the midst of this culture, that sees sex as a commodity, we’ll explore how and why we can choose to live radically different lives for Jesus.

Doing the Impossible – Susie Aldridge & Zeke Rink (Auditorium)

What is the greatest challenge in the Christian faith? This is a big question, but one that Susie and Zeke would love to explore. Jesus said; ‘Come follow me.’ It seems that these three words would be the hardest words to obey but, if we can, the most fulfilling to live out. We want to look closely at how we follow Jesus by counting the cost and laying our lives down.

Worship: Safe or risky – Harmony Smith (K1/2)

We will explore what it looks like to follow the Holy Spirit’s lead in worship.  If you are a worship leader, musician or creative, then this seminar is for you! 

17.00 Dinner

Saturday Evening

18.00 Doors open

18.30 Worship, followed by a talk

20.30 Bar open

21.30 Doors close

Book your place

If you’ve not yet booked your ticket yet, don’t leave it too late.  There is limited availability of accommodation and food options, so get in quickly.